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Summer Tutoring Program

Studies show that the best time to help your child catch up in school is during the summer vacation. Students who use this time to receive instruction have an opportunity to fill the learning gaps that inhibit their progress during the school year.


One On One Tutoring, Reading and Educational Testing Center offers skill-centered workshops in reading, writing, and mathematics to students in grades 1-9. Parents can enroll their child in a workshop of their choice based on the student's specific weaknesses. The skill-centered workshops are perfect for students who are on or close to grade level in reading, math, and/or writing but need to address specific skills of weakness

Before instruction commences, students are administered a diagnostic test that identifies students' instructional grade level and weak skills. Based on this information, parents can select and enroll their child in one of the skill-centered workshops below.

Our Workshops are:

1-2 weeks in length (per skill)

Age/Grade appropriate

Taught in small groups

Designed to target specific skills in reading/writing/mathematics

Summer Schedule

Summer Tutoring Schedule
 June 24 – June 28, 2019  Addition/Subtraction 1-3
 July 8- July 12, 2019  Multiplication/Division Grade 3-5
 July 15 – July19, 2019 Fractions Grades 3-5
 July 22 – July 26, 2019 Multiplication/Division Grades 6-8
 July 29 - August 22, 2019  Fractions Grades 6-8
 August 26 - August 30, 2019  Algebra Grades 6-9
 June 24 – June 28, 2019  Phonics/Decoding Grades 1-2
 July 8- July 12, 2019  Vocabulary grades 6-8
 July 15 – July19, 2019  Comprehension Grades 3-8
 July 22 – July 26, 2019  Writing (Grammar/Mechanics) Grades 6-9
 July 29- August 22, 2019  Writing (Grammar/Mechanics) Grades 3-5

Math Instruction: 4pm - 6pm | Reading Instruction: 4pm - 6pm | Writing Instruction: 4pm - 6pm



Teacher Recommendation Forms

The student’s teacher is to complete the appropriate form by detailing weaknesses and skills to address during tutoring program. Form is to be submitted to One On One Tutoring, Reading and Educational Testing Center after completion.

Teacher Recommendation Math Teacher Recommendation Math (33 KB)

Teacher Recommendation Writing Teacher Recommendation Writing (33 KB)

Teacher Recommendation LA Teacher Recommendation LA (32 KB)