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One On One Tutoring Service - Writing Programs

As children progress through the elementary years, teachers will expect them to express their thoughts and what they know in written form. A lack of foundation in this area will certainly affect a child's progress in school as the level and demand of writing increases. Below are programs offered by One On One Tutoring Service that are available to address your child's learning needs in writing.

Tailored Writing

Our "Tailored Writing"program is excellent for students who need to develop their writing skills. In a one to one setting, the Instructor uses the award winning "compass odyssey" curriculum and other supplemental instructional materials to help students expand vocabulary and improve grammar and organizational skills.


One On One Tutoring Service, Inc. believes that students master taught concepts through practice and repetition. One On One Tutoring Service, Inc. offers a wide selection of student workbooks in reading, writing, math and test prep, that allows students to practice and apply what they have learned.

Click below to view our selection of writing workbooks or complete the below questionnaire and have One On One Tutoring Service create a learning plan and also recommend specific workbooks that will address your child's learning needs.


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