Online Summer School

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Online Summer School Program

Summer School can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. By utilizing an online web conferencing platform coupled with our award winning, standards-based curriculum, our instructors are able to deliver live, interactive and guided instruction.

Studies show that the best time to help your child catch up in school is during the summer vacation. Students who use this time to receive instruction have an opportunity to fill the learning gaps that inhibit their progress during the school year.


You no longer have to attend your school’s summer program. One On One Tutoring Service's online instruction offers convenience and affordability for the demanding lifestyle of today's learner.


Step 1:

Students complete a pre-test that allows One On One Tutoring Service to identify students' instructional level and weak skills in reading and mathematics.


Step 2:

Students must have their classroom teacher of the failing subject complete a "Teacher Recommendation" form which allows teachers to provide input on which skills to address during the summer.


Step 3:

One On One Tutoring Service creates a customized learning path for each student. The learning path contains lessons and quizzes that address weaknesses and guides the instructor towards desired goals for each student.


Step 4:

Students begin instruction and meet three times a week with tutor via One On One Tutoring Service virtual classroom.


Step 5:

Students are tested periodically and reports are sent to the student's school.




Teacher Recommendation Forms

The student’s teacher is to complete the appropriate form by detailing weaknesses and skills to address during tutoring program. Form is to be submitted to One On One Tutoring Service after completion.