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Joe's Story



When Joe first came in it was evident that he was such a funny boy for his age. He was reciting different lines from the show "Martin!" Joe's story began when his mother brought him to One On One Tutoring Service for an evaluation. The result of the testing showed that Joe, who at the time was a 2nd grader, was reading on a Kindergarten grade level. He could identify all of his letters but only knew the sounds to a few. He had a hard time blending basic closed syllable words such as "bit", or "chat" and his sight word recognition was very weak. Needless to say, Joe was unable to read. His mother enrolled him at One On One Tutoring Service for 40 hours of reading instruction and so his journey began.

Joe displayed many characteristics of boys his age. He had a difficult time sitting still and was often distracted. The plan was to implement the Wilson Reading System using direct instruction to address Joe's difficulties in reading. By the 10th hour of instruction, Joe was using the techniques that was taught to him to read closed and vowel consonant "e" syllables. By the 20th hour, he increased his sight word vocabulary by 30 words. By the 40th hour, Joe was on a 2nd grade instructional reading level.

Joe's documented progress is an example of what structured, systematic instruction can do for any child if given the proper attention. Joe is now excelling in reading and is looking to make the same type of progress in the area of mathematics.