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Home School Program


With One On One Tutoring's homeschool program, students spend the school year reaching their fullest potential with individualized learning programs that are tailored specifically for each student. Our flexible programs give you the freedom to create your own schedule as your child receives the highest quality instruction from a Pennsylvania Department of Education licensed center using research-based curricula.


home schooling


Here are five reasons to home-school your child:

  • Homeschooling attends to children’s needs on a personal level.
  • Homeschooling encourages independent thinking.
  • Homeschooling focuses on learning, not grades.
  • Homeschooling benefits include creating a safer environment.
  • Homeschooling enhances family relationships.

Instructional Model

Before instruction commences, students that enroll in One On One Tutoring Service homeschool program are thoroughly assessed to determine academic levels and how they are best able to learn. The results of the initial assessment allows One On One Tutoring to create tailored learning plans that help students build a solid foundation in order to master the objectives needed to meet state standards. In addition, One On One Tutoring also works with families to determine the best online and in-center schedule for each child.


If you are considering homeschool as an alternative, let One On One Tutoring handle all of your instructional needs.
Students will benefit from blended learning which combines online learning with face-to-face instruction and flexible scheduling at our brick and mortar center location in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.

  • 3 hours of in-classroom instruction (per day)
  • 3 hours of independent home instruction (per day)


*Instructional time is extended for students attending in-classroom classes during the day.



One On One Tutoring Service utilizes the award winning, research-based, Compass Odyssey by Compass Learning.


Grade Reading Math Science Social Studies Download Language Arts Math Science
1st Grade x x x    

1st Grade Language Arts 1st Grade Language Arts (518 KB)

1st Grade Math 1st Grade Math (186 KB)

2nd Grade x x x x  

2nd Grade Language Arts 2nd Grade Language Arts (372 KB)

2nd Grade Math 2nd Grade Math (0 KB)

3rd Grade x x x x  

3rd Grade Language Arts 3rd Grade Language Arts (484 KB)

3rd Grade Math 3rd Grade Math (280 KB)

4th Grade x x x x  

4th Grade Language Arts 4th Grade Language Arts (396 KB)

4th Grade Math 4th Grade Math (284 KB)

5th Grade x x x x  

5th Grade Language Arts 5th Grade Language Arts (402 KB)

5th Grade Math 5th Grade Math (467 KB)

Middle School Earth and Space Science Middle School Earth and Space Science (184 KB)

6th Grade x x x x  

6th Grade Language Arts 6th Grade Language Arts (392 KB)

6th Grade Math 6th Grade Math (0 KB)

Middle School Life Science Middle School Life Science (284 KB)

7th Grade x x x x  

7th Grade Language Arts 7th Grade Language Arts (425 KB)

7th Grade Math 7th Grade Math (460 KB)

Middle School Nature of Science Middle School Nature of Science (138 KB)

8th Grade x x x x  

8th Grade Language Arts 8th Grade Language Arts (431 KB)

8th Grade Math 8th Grade Math (321 KB)

Middle School Physical Science Middle School Physical Science (202 KB)




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